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I took this picture of this Blue Mud Wasp (Chalybion californicum) because I thought its metallic blue color was pretty. It was also busy grooming itself by rubbing pairs of its legs together, as you can see here. It was fun to watch for a few moments before I trudged on. I had already turned away when I noticed a strange movement out of the corner of my eye…

Blue Mud Wasp and spider

Whoa! I was surprised to see the pretty blue wasp lugging the much larger spider (not sure what kind) across the log. At first, I wasn’t even sure which one of them was doing the lugging. I whipped my camera back around in time to catch this photo, and these next few:

Blue Mud Wasp and spider prey

This is the best look at the poor spider, and my best guess at ID is that it may be a species of Wolf Spider (Family Lycosidae).

Spider being pulled into Blue Mud Wasp nest

I wasn’t even sure the spider would fit in the hole, but as you can see, it fit just fine. There were several holes like this in the log – so the wasp had neighbors. 🙂

Farewell to spider-food-for-wasp

This is the last photo I captured. I suppose it’s possible that the wasp was preparing to feast. Or maybe the wasp was provisioning a nest for baby wasps. Either way, I continue to impress myself with my ability to observe “bugs” with new interest and less “yuck.”

I just attended one of my Texas Master Naturalist classes, and the topic was entomology. The speaker shared a quote from another entomologists…can’t remember who…that claims that we are never more than five feet away from a spider. Hmmm. Think I’ll close with that thought!

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