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Birder’s Lounge supports two wildlife rehabilitation organizations, and one of them has just launched a new partnership with Dawn (dishwashing liquid) to raise funds for the good work they do. I am speaking of the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC), with facilities in California and Alaska. The IBRRC specializes in helping birds and other wildlife recover from the damaging effects of oil spills and other man-made hazards of the sea.

IBRRC building

I was very lucky to tour the IBRRC’s southern California location, and was extremely impressed with their facility and their dedicated staff. I blogged about my visit – you can read about it and see some neat pictures by clicking here.

Specially-marked bottles of Dawn

Specially-marked bottles of Dawn

Dawn is rolling out specially-marked bottles of their dishwashing liquid products, which will have a Donation Code printed on the label. I was just in the grocery store a few days ago, and looked for these bottles. They are not on the shelves in my town yet, but maybe they are in yours. Either way, they will be showing up soon, so keep an eye out! Dawn will donate $1 for every donation code activated on their website, with proceeds going to IBRRC and a few similar organizations.

In conjunction with this campaign, IBRRC has launched a Facebook page. I joined facebook yesterday, just so I could help support IBRRC. It may not sound like much, but it is kind of a big deal to me. [sucking in air through my teeth, big exhale] I don’t have great memories of high school, and I’ve always thought of Facebook as a virtual high school reunion. Apparently it is a lot more than that, or Dawn and IBRRC wouldn’t be there! You can visit Everyday Wildlife Champions on Facebook too!

I hope you will drop by the IBRRC blog for the latest news on the good work they do every day, and to learn of the many ways you can help.

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  • […] Amber of Birder’s Lounge reminds us that the International Bird Rescue Research Center’s Dawn dishwashing liquid campaign runs through October 1. Members are encouraged to buy a specially-marked bottle of Dawn, and activate the donation code online by midnight, 10/1/09. Dawn set a $500,000 donation limit, and the total right now is at just over $98,000. There’s still a lot of potential money on the table! Every dollar helps. For more info on the promotion, visit Amber’s blog post. […]

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