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These pictures are from early spring, at High Island, TX. Enjoy!

The Double-crested Cormorants mixed uneventfully with the spoonbills.


The males did their best to win a mate.


Once a female accepted a male, they sealed the deal with this bonding ritual, where they took turns stretching their heads way down, then back up to gently rap their amazing beaks together. I say this based strictly upon my own observations, so please speak up if I’ve got this wrong!


Meanwhile, new spoonbills were still arriving…


…and some were ready for a nap…

While others spent their time just looking as handsome as possible.


6 Responses to “Roseate Spoonbills!”

  • Diane Komp:


    Did you take these gorgeous pix? Do you mind if I paint from them?


  • Pat Huss:

    What beautiful pictures of the spoonbills! You must have had such an enjoyable outing to catch them with your camera.WOW!

  • Dinna Cunningham:

    Hi Amber, Your pictures are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.


  • Amber, beautiful pictures of gorgeous birds. Such wonderful colors. Thank you for sharing and brightening the day.


  • Dee:

    Thank you for sharing these pics,When I was in Winter Springs,FL,that was the first time I had ever seen these birds,so amazing .I won’t forget them .It’s amazing how God takes care of our birds,when you watch their mating ritual how amazing is that,I think birds like these you have posted have courtship down better then us humans,with their beaks wraped around each other,well it’s like sealing their caring and soon taking care of their young with a kiss.
    How many humans can do this .Thank you so much for posting these pic.

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