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I had a rare opportunity to take some photos of birds in my back yard yesterday. Almost forgot how. The birds are all hot and thirsty – a water feature (or several) will really help them out and offers you a great chance to watch them up close.

Canada Warbler (migrant)




Yellow Warbler





Tufted Titmouse


House Finch (i think)


Carolina Chickadee



6 Responses to “Hot & Thirsty Birds”

  • Beautiful. We always have seed and water for our bird friends. We also have a veggie garden and they spend time there getting bugs and things. The hummers visit their feeders often too. We enjoy all of our feathered friends.

    • hi theresa – great! i’ve been putting out some orange halves lately and have been rewarded with young and adult orchard orioles. hopefully can get a picture before they leave for good.

  • Dinna:

    Amber only one picture showed up and it was beautiful. But it appears that there should have been a few more photos. We also keep plenty of seed and have 2 bird baths for them. One is much smaller and it’s really fun to watch because the larger birds like it better!

  • Bruce:

    Amber that is a female house finch and a good picture. The male has red on its head and chest. Good pictures.

    • Thanks, Bruce. I’ve seen the males as well. I have a vague recollection of seeing Pine Siskins in an ID book, and thinking they looked similar to House Finches…but beyond that I cannot recall if Pine Siskins even visit this area.

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