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Santa Ana NWR


I visited Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in October, and have been on another trip since then. Santa Ana NWR was so incredible that I cannot just skip it since I did not upload pictures before now. If you like pictures of Nature in all of her wondrous forms, you are in for a treat.

The Great Kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratus) is a striking bird and full of character. I’ve been preparing a few photos to share and have run out of time, so it looks like I will need to cover Great Kiskadees in more than one post. To save time, I am inserting a small gallery, click on the thumbnail to see the pictures.



4 Responses to “Santa Ana NWR – Great Kiskadee 1”

  • Sandy:

    Amber — I just got back from my first trip to Costa Rica and got to see and particularly HEAR the Great Kiskadee in the province of Guanacaste (they call this province the Texas of Costa Rica because it is dry and hot and big). I haven’t seen them in years and it was like seeing an old friend. During a tour of an organic coffee farm, I heard their call and it was unmistakeable. “Full of character” — what an apt description!

    • Hi Sandy – yes! I can remember that they have a distinctive call, and in the evenings they gather and can generate quite a bit of chatter. What I find so frustrating is that I cannot actually remember what their call sounds like. Guess I’ll have to go back…!

  • Sara:

    …sigh…adding another dream spot to my list! 🙂 Thanks for posting the pics – I have missed your posts!

    • Hi Sara, a worthy destination for sure. I too miss posting, and with any luck I will be able to regain some work/life balance and indulge in a bit more blogging fun. Thanks for the comment and the support!

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