I’m at my desk ready to work my night shift…and thought I’d take a few minutes to escape back to February and the Texas Gulf Coast. I saw a Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus) for the first time – a female, beautiful, and content to pose for me.

Port Lavaca, TX, Feb 2012
Before I disappear again for who-knows-how long, I want to share the correct pronunciation of this bird’s name. The intimidating spelling is the reason why I have previously called it “the bird that’s like a Cardinal but isn’t.”  Time to fix that: here is a sound file that helped me, and it is from a neat website too:
“Pyrrhuloxia” is pronounced, “Pyrrhuloxia,” and the website where you can find all kinds of pronunciations is at: http://forvo.com

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  • Nature Lover:

    So cool! The pyrrhuloxia is on my list of Top Ten Birds I Haven’t Seen Yet But Really Want To See, in the number two spot (number 1 is painted bunting… I can’t believe I’ve been trying for two years and still haven’t seen ONE of them :P )
    Those are some awesome pictures!

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