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Last weekend I traveled to South Padre Island, TX to visit the World Birding Center. The trip was amazing and I want to share this fantastic sequence of photos I captured while on the coastal boardwalk. Enjoy 🙂


AMC_3155_20130517_0026-gb heron fish1-1200 AMC_3180_20130517_0051-gb heron fish2-1200 AMC_3193_20130517_0064-gb heron fish3-1200 AMC_3195_20130517_0066-gb heron fish4-1200 AMC_3197_20130517_0068-gb heron fish5-1200 AMC_3198_20130517_0069-gb heron fish6-1200 AMC_3200_20130517_0071-gb heron fish7-1200 AMC_3213_20130517_0084-gb heron fish8-1200 AMC_3222_20130517_0093-gb heron fish final-1200

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